Wrong type of thread

Wrong type of thread.

A Thread is, as the name states a thread of replies, forming a discussion.

A thread is typicall started by giving it a title and a starting post to spark discussion. Discussions can range from "How long are your toenails?" to "Taking Bets: How many watermelons does it take to feed every windwaker fan?"

Because of the natural order of ACC, threads that do not recieve replies for a long while (approx. a month) are deleted (or rather, archived). This means that discussions that do not stimulate the lymbic systems of the populace of ACC will quickly sink to the bottom, as extremely stimulating thread such as one titled "Somebody Help!" will rise to the top and dominate all other threads.

Creating a ThreadEdit

Creating a thread is not unlike being a small African child mining for valuables. After the long, throbbing, and hard task of creating a thread, it's title, and original post, you may or may not recieve some pay-off. Similarly to how African children are paid with sacks of dirt that MAY contain small bits of gold dust, you will either get a bag of pure dirt, and your thread will be ignored until it is eventually deleted, or you could find gold dust in your sack of dirt, and cause ACC browsers from all over the board to flock to your thread in order to state their opinion, after which you can get the smug self-satisfaction of knowing that you managed to get 50-odd people to engage in a nearly 50-page long discussion on pizza and why it should be a fruit instead of a vegetable. 5 smug self-satisfactions can be redeemed for pat on the back from the site's creator, Jader201, whilst 20 can be redeemed to have Jader tell you "Good Job". You can only record the saying of this "Goob Job" for another 20 smug self-satisfactions.

How to get YOUR thread popularEdit

1. Use topics that are currently trending with ACC users. At the time of writing, such trendy topics include Windwaker910 and the fans of haters that entail the subject of Winwaker910.

2. Misleading and eye-catching titles seem to attract ACC users. Make sure to include plenty of 'fancy' borders (i.e.: xX~thread~Xx) and eyecandy. Make your thread shiny and attention grabbing, using tiles like "HELP!" or "OMG I'M IN A FIRE CALL 911!"

3. Keep your thread near the top of the board. If this requires you to spam, then do what you must. Make sure to disguise your spam as you adding to the discussion, and don't use obvious spamming techniques such as double-posting.

4. Make sure your thread is just barely edgy enough to not get locked by moderators. If it is along that border, then it will very quickly ascend to the top of the board, with members intermittendly interjecting "this thread is going to get locked by mods" into the normal discussion, cementing the thread's place at the top of the board.

5. Luck. Much like the U.S.'s Oil drilling strategy in Florida, making popular threads on ACC consists of pointing a metaphorical rifle to the ground, firing it, and hoping you hit a metaphorical oil pocket of popularity and hundreds of posts.