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Tangy, the AC character that was SugarCrazy's avatar.

SugarCrazy was a rather well-known member of the ACC.

Profile InfoEdit

ACC Username: SugarCrazy

Member Since: 9/2/2008

Last Active: 5/29/2010 3:11pm (She was banned with the Golden BanHammer last time I check)

Real Name: She would like you to call her Shay.

Gender: Female

Location: Wherever she may be.

Hobbies/Interests: Due to her having a thing called 'a life', she has more than one.

Currently Playing: With your mind, it seems to be missing a lot.



I object to the fact that I am unable to form a proper sentence. See profile for more details on the subject

A piece of her profile:

Due to my last 'attack' as many may call it, I have been pretty much labeled as the chat speaker, the n00b speaker, the text talker, the one who 'luh Johnny Depp'. If you are reading this, I am here to object all the useless internet gossip I have read. I am perfectly capable of proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling. This is a forum website, and as much as I hate the n00b spk thtz lyk dis, I don't mind it on a forum website if the occasional word drops a few letters, like the internet word, 'luh' for example. I now realize that when you dislike a website it is like a sin to use any internet terms whatsoever. I laugh at the hypocrisy. The ones who have been talking about this nonsense at the time of my attack, I highly doubt they have never used any internet terms on this website before. this is the internet, things happen, things get said, typos get typed and memes are started. And to the users that have filled up my inbox on formspring with useless flames and insults, nothing anybody on the internet says to me will hurt. Not in a million years will I even put any thought to it. So you can keep trying, it entertains me, but it doesn't offend me. Internet gossip and labeling, sounds, and is, nothing more or less than just plain pathetic.

AC InfoEdit

Town: New York

Name: Shay


"snuggies r 4 n00bs. so thay can be n00balishus."

Other Info That Should Be MentionedEdit

Johnny Depp and anything with Johnny Depp. Shay loves him. A LOT.

During the cold December of 2010, Shay and her friend Justin (ACC ID: JKmadu619) posted a small spam attack (known as the "December 2010 Hijinks") on the Off Topic boards.

Her last thread that she made was titled "I want you all to see this" (I should know because I posted in it lol. - creator centiliter)

She loves Johnny Depp.