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paragonPopsicle, better known as Paragon, is a high-class member of ACC. She is known for having lots of swag compared to the other members of this god-forbidden website, and for the fact she is attracted to a jackal.

aka a big fat turd <- wow fuck u fag haha owned <- UMMMMMMMM NOOB???

ACC Profile InfoEdit

Real Name: Paragon

Gender: Female

Country: Other

Location: tumblr



Hobbies/Interests: tumblr, jackal queenston, bird, crabs throwing gang signs

Currently Playing: KING VICIOUS


ACC was blessed with Paragon's presence since the fateful day of 28th July, 2011. It has been rumored angels flew down and sung songs of harmony and joy as she first clicked that sign up button. It was obvious this would be no ordinary member.

Paragon only spoke with her friends she had met on other sites at first, deeming the people of the public boards 'filthy low life scum'. However, over time she relaxed a little and proceeded to join in on the conversations formed by the so-called low life scum. Needless to say, everybody was shocked yet honored by Paragon's royal presence in their filthy, run down boards. She vowed to make those boards a better place, just for them! It is unknown whether she kept her words or not. Nobody would deny it anyway, unless they wanted to be beheaded very soon.

In the month of December, 2012, a strange ghost dressed as a 50's mobster appeared in Para's house. It now won't leave her alone and has even made it's own ACC account to torment her, (ghastlyGangster) and it isn't uncommon to see Para complaining and insulting the ghost on Private Threads. Of course, the ghost doesn't take no shit from anybody and fights back. God knows how long the feud will go on for. 


Paragon is known to have plenty of interests, the main one being tumblr. To obtain her URL, one must go through the daunting task of PTing Paragon and asking her very, very politely for it. Groveling and flattery helps too, as proven by many users of the site, though apparently she has become stricter about it.