real life pic of dojomaniac at a photo shoot

Animal Crossing Community user DojoManiac ((also known as """""""Dojo""""""" and on occasion """""""Sportacus"""""""")) is the explanation for science going too far. the good news though is she is scientifically altered to have 200x more swag than anyone else and only that can stop kony.

"the only fear we have is lack of snapbacks" - ACC user DojoManiac


her existance is dated back to 0 AD where she watched jesus as he was crucified and told him to play punk rock music before he died and handed him a guitar. this was never recorded because christians hate rock music

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on novembver 11 2011 DojoManiac successfuly stopped kony by blasting him wiuth a swag ray and sent him back to the us in a box dojomaniac is now haile as a hero of the people of cyrodiil and all of tamriel.
Dojomaniac shaking hands with obama

dojomaniac shaking hands with obama the day after kony was stopped